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Howshot 8" Carbon Fiber Float Arm View larger

UW-Lighting 8" and 6cm Carbon Fiber Float Arm


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UW-Lighting 8" Carbon Fiber Float Arm (Buoyancy: 290g Length: 8inch)

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49,00 €

    The UW-Lighting Carbon Fiber Float Arm series is manufactured from a high quality 60mm carbon fiber tubing with machined aluminum 1inch balls.

    The float arms are hermetically sealed and are highly resistant to pressure, maintaining their buoyancy properties.

    Arms are made of carbon fiber with balls of 1" and 8" (20.3 cm.) length from O-ring to O-ring

    In addition, their design makes them more hydrodynamic than foam block floats.

    Diameter: 6 cm Buoyancy: 290g.(Data by Ocean-Photos)

    Weight on air: 175g.

    Dimensions: 60 x 229mm.

    Compatible with arm systems UW-Lighting, Ultralight, INON, Howshot, Nauticam, I-Das and TK.

    MaterialCarbon fiber
    Lenght6"-9" (15cm-23cm)
    Buoyancy250-400 g


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