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INON Straight Viewfinder II


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INON Straight Viewfinder Unit II for X-2 housing

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    - Newly designed straight type viewfinder based on full frame DSLR.

    - High performance large prism and optimized glass material make it possible to see every corner of camera’s viewfinder image clearer and brighter.  Unlike conventional viewfinders, this bright viewfinder enables you to focus precisely and comfortably even in dark underwater.

    - Optically designed to suit to an EVF: electrical viewfinder of a DSLR camera which provides wider viewing angle, so no vignetting nor blur even in corners.

    - Magnification of this viewfinder is same as camera’s viewfinder. As its eye-point underwater is extended to 60mm/2.4inch, no vignetting of viewfinder image even through a mask.

    - Viewfinder body is made from corrosion resistant aluminum and FRP: fiber reinforced plastic to make the body compact, lightweight yet durable.

    - Same mount system as existing INON viewfinder.


    - Size including the mount     : (L)101.8mm/4.0in x (W)72.2mm/2.8in x (H)74.0mm/2.9in

    - Weight                                  : 305g/10.8oz (air)

    - Depth rating                                       : 75m/246ft

    - Material/finishing                 : Optical glass, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, PC, POM etc. 

    Compatible Housings

    - X-2 for EOS 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 70D, 80D, X-2 for EOS6D

    - Hugyfot and Isotta without adaptations. (Necessary internal locking ring not included with the viewfinder)

    Diopter Correction Lens [+1.5D] for STVF-II  [Features] (Accesory sold separately)

    - Optional accessory for Straight Viewfinder Unit II for X-2

    - Add-on correction lens to shift +1.5 diopter for those who are unable to adjust with camera’s viewfinder diopter adjustment range due to long sight or presbyopia.

    - The Diopter Correction Lens has to be installed before diving by drop it inside of the Straight Viewfinder from housing side and tighten it by packaged tool.

    Compatible housingsIsotta y Hugyfot


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