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Isotta Housing IS-D750


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Isotta Housing IS-D750 for Nikon D750 camera


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    Designed and built to fit the specific form and functionality of the Nikon D750 the housing allows photographers and videographers to make use of almost all camera features from the osutide.

    Even lighter in weight in water the housing is now even easier to handle underwater.

    Photographers will be satisfied for their need of robustness thanks to the high quality of materials used. The production know-how and the use of innovative devolopment techniques become apparent when photographers start using this housing.

    Made entirely of anodized aluminum that is anti-corodal and thermo-colored, all buttons are made entirely of aluminium as well. These rugged controls allow for all main features of the Nikon D750 to be used underwater, including those for video.  Placing the camera into the housing is easy thanks to the new tray that keeps the camera in place once inserted. A lever locks the tray inside the housing.

    Closing the housing is easy with Isotta’s single handed one-turn mechanism. It’s fast and does not require effort by the user. Its secure thanks to its double steel pins at the bottom so the housing and the double O-rings.

    Handles are comfortable and molded ergonomically to the human hand.

    Port release and lens release functionality have been renewed and are now even easier to use. Exchanging ports and lenses is now even easier.

    A wide range of ports and adapter rings allow pretty much any lens to be used with D750 and the Isotta housing.


    ► Aluminium body, anodized, anti-corodal, red thermo-color;► Ergonomic side handles, adjustable (via optional accessory);
    ► Two electrical bulkheads and two optical fiber bulkheads, located on top of housing;
    ► Choice between full manual strobe mode, or one strobe in TTL mode and one in manual mode;
    ► Back housing completely separable from the front housing for a greater comfort to inserting the camera;
    ► Double tight O-ring, placed in every mobile and removable part, ensure an excellent watertight seal;
    ► Inserting using a tray that is mounted on the bottom side of the camera, comfortably screw/unscrew with finger; the tray slides on two rails into the front housing;
    ► Lock on the tray for permanent positioning Moisture indicator with easily visible red LED signal light, battery easily replaceable by the user;
    ► All main controls allow full manual mode. Controls are easy to be used even with gloves, well spaced inbetween to avoid unwanted control;
    ► All controls are engraved with the function symbols;
    ► Wide back viewfinder glass for an excellent view of the display;
    ► Outside ocular set with the camera ocular;
    ► Build outside viewfinder allow;
    ► Two M6 holes located on housing bottom side for different accessories such as brackets for strobes and video lights;
    ► One M8 hole located on upper side of the housing for various accessories;
    ► Interchangeable porthole with the new innovative porthole release;
    ► Compatible with Isotta ports; 
    ► Compatible with other brands of ports by means of optional adapter rings;
    ► Single hand turning lock connecting front and back housing;
    ► Deep rated: 100 m;


    Dimension: 235 x 205 x 145 mm. (w x h x d); 
    Air weight: 2,740 Kg.;



    Camera modelNikon D750



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